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At Connect Serve, everything we do is guided by our purpose: We Help Our Clients change the World, One Leadership Team at a Time

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Please be it known to one & all that we address ourselves as Connect Serve Human Resource Solutions engaged in providing total HR solution under one roof.

The company in modern Era is widely regarded and well reputed as a rapidly advancing service provider, providing trouble free and effective services all over the metro cities of INDIA.

To sum it up, human resources outsourcing that include hr - recruiting outsourcing helps cut costs, helps concentrate on core business and most importantly helps in ensuring employee satisfaction. CSHRS is an eminently well known Human Resource Solutions firm and committed to providing superior and above board value added services to every individual client. We are focused on delivering total and complete quality solution for companies in general human resource needs.

CSHRS appreciates that every industry has its own policy of gradation in terms of management aura, skills sets, hiring practices and compensation principles. Our people are well equipped with industrial knowledge and contacts. Keep themselves abreast with trends and sensitivity to existing market place issues. We have a proven forte in dong niche services; we have a dedicated skilled team that enables our clients in accomplishing the right services in a timely and cost effective manner.

Our excellence is in providing highly qualified and experienced professionals for Senior, Middle and Junior Management, Executive and Associate Level. Our specialization is in understanding company needs, and providing candidates with relevant experience and skills to meet your needs.

Our clients include some of the best known brands and innovative organisations, HumanCapital can boast to have provided them with star performers and high achievers.

Our Mission

Our Methodology

Preparatory Stage

Understand the client's business, management team, product, and work culture.
Thorough understanding of each open position requirement specs i.e. scope and responsibilities, compensation package, reporting relationships etc
Building a blueprint for the ideal candidate.

Homing On To the Candidates

Search for the target candidates using proprietary database and reaching out to our network of contacts.
Identify the right candidates matching the client's requirements.
Shortlist and evaluate candidates.
Narrow down the list of candidates.
Prepare background profiles.
Review profiles with client.
Get Client feedback.

Interview Process

Facilitate client interview of candidate.
Get feedback from client and candidate.
Conduct reference checks.
Prepare detailed profiles and evaluation reports on each candidate's strengths and weaknesses.
Client Feedback to get the list of finalists.

The Final Selection And Follow Up

Coordinate Finalists Interviews.
Negotiate salary and benefits.
Expedite smooth transition for executive after selection.

Director's Message

Imran Kurawle

As the Founder & Director of Connect Serve Human Resource Solutions HR Solutions, it is my privilege to welcome you to our firm, to our philosophy, and to a unique, more personalized style of service in the area of Executive Search and HR consulting.
There is this perfect belief that Human Resource is backbone for any organization. The advance equipments, new technology, good marketing strategies, excellent customer services and many other elements can be the factors to build up for the advantages in the market. However, human resource is still the most important element to determining the success or failure of an organization.
We at Connect Serve Human Resource Solutions design the recruiting plan to approach people with right skills, knowledge, experience, etc in order to perform those competencies for our client. Working with the understanding that a manager is more than the sum of data on a CV, our evaluation process takes a humanistic approach to executive selection. We'll sit down and discuss your plans, your challenges, and where you want to take your business or your career. In short, we'll focus on the future, and on successes yet to be achieved. With this kind of detailing, we pick up only those assignments where our knowledge, experience and determination can offer clear added value.
I founded this firm based on the belief that Executive Search and Selection should be an exclusive interaction, a one-on-one relationship that produces a close, long-term cooperation. In this way, we develop a degree of intimacy that goes beyond typical HR processes and leads to an intuitive sense for the special talent that befits upper-level management.
Thank you for your interest in Connect Serve Human Resource Solutions. We look forward to meeting with you, listening to you, and finding tailor-made ways to achieve your professional goals – together.

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